How to Trim Cat's Claws

How to Trim Cat's ClawsIf you share your house with a cat, then you know how hard it can be to protect furniture and members of your family from scratches.

Trimming your cat's claws is the easiest way to avoid deep scratches on your furniture and it also makes games with your pet safer. If you learn how to trim cat's claws and you will never need to use declawing. By the way, your cat doesn't deserve such inhumane treatment.

To trim your cat's claws you will need trimmers, static pencil or flour (if the quick is damaged) and a treat for your cat.

Make sure that your cat is relaxed and lets you touch its paw. If your cat is not used to trimming nails, then start by soothing your kitty and rubbing its paws. Your cat should allow you touching its paws. If it is so, secure your cat on your lap and hold it under your left arm. Don't be nervous because the kitty will feel your mood.

Press on the pad to make the claw go out. Look at it and you will see a pink area. This is the quick where blood vessels and nerves are. Never cut the quick otherwise you can hurt your cat. If you accidentally trim the quick and it starts bleeding, use a static pencil or a simple flour to stop it. Let your cat go and don't proceed with the claws before the next day.

Take clippers or trimmers in your right hand and hold them parallel to the flat part of the claw. Trim the claw between its tip and the quick. You may use any trimmers for the cat's claws that you have, like usual trimmers that you use for your nails. You can also purchase special clippers for your cat and always use them. Make sure that the trimmers you use for your cat are sharp and they cut the claw but do not split it.

Trim all the claws on one paw and then proceed to the other. If you see that your kitty is getting nervous during the procedure and wants to run away, let it go. Not every cat likes trimming the claws so just find the time when your kitty is in a good mood again and trim a couple of claws.

Don't trim the claws on the rear paws. Cats keep them short naturally. Also clipping those claws is undesirable for cats that are allowed outdoors.

When all the claws are trimmed, give your cat a treat. It will remind your cat of a good experience, not torture.

How often do you need to trim cat's claws? Trimming claws on the front paws once in 3-4 weeks is enough for your kitty.