6 Signs Your Marriage Is on the Right Track

6 Signs Your Marriage Is on the Right TrackEvery married couple wants their marriage to be happy and healthy. Love is not the only thing you need to make your marriage work. There are several factors that make marriages last. Here are six signs your marriage is on the right track.

Sign #1. You're not only lovers but friends as well. Passion comes and goes, but friendship stays. Although sexual compatibility is important, it can't sustain your marriage. If you want a successful marriage, you need to be friends with your spouse. A friend is a person who will always have you back and who you can trust. If your spouse is the first person you want to call when you have good news, you're doing it right.

Sign #2. You always look forward to a weekend together. We aren't saying that married couples should spend all of their free time together. On the contrary, everyone needs space and alone time. However, if you can't wait to get away from your partner, there's clearly something wrong with your relationship. And vice versa, if you fantasize about a weekend alone with your spouse, your marriage is solid.

Sign #3. You're a team. If you want your marriage to run smoothly, you need to work together as a team. This doesn't necessarily mean that you should divide all chores 50/50 and have the same income, the 50/50 approach doesn't work in this case. Working as a team means doing your best and supporting your partner in everything. Marriage is a two-way street, there's always give and take.

Sign #4. You overcome difficulties together. Every married couple has disagreements, fights, and problems from time to time, but only strong couples work through all the issues together. Overcoming difficulties as a team (see sign #3) helps couples make their marriage more solid. If you realize that a rough patch is not a reason for divorce, your marriage is most likely to be lasting.

Sign #5. You're not joined at the hip. Some couples take the term “to be an item” literally. Although you're a family, each of you is still a person who deserves some independence. Happy couples are cool with spending time apart. So if you have found the balance between spending time together and spending time apart (hanging out with friends, pursuing your hobbies, etc), your marriage is definitely on the right track.

Sign #6. You make each other laugh. A shared sense of humor is an important aspect of overall compatibility. If you have been together a long time and still make each other laugh and have fun together, your relationship is most certainly stable. Being able to laugh together means that you don't let your marriage go stale. Keep it up!



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