Gift Ideas From Bridesmaids to Bride

Gift Ideas From Bridesmaids to BrideBeing asked to be a bridesmaid is a big honor for you. Well, now you have to think not only about your dress and organization of bachelorette party. You need to give a gift to your friend for her wedding day. What could it be? AnydayGuide has prepared several gift ideas from bridesmaids to bride.

There are many things you can give to your friend as a gift. But make sure that the gift really means something special to her. Avoid gifts that need to be packed, or place to be found for them in her house. For instance, an oil painting of her wedding bouquet sounds really fantastic and it will remind your friend about her wedding day every time she looks at it. But think, will your friend be able to find a place for it? May be she doesn't like paintings at all and never uses them as wall decoration. Or every room has its own style and this painting just doesn't fit into any of them.

Spa day, massage and facial is what many ladies dream about. By the way, it's a great idea for a gift to bride. Your friend might have no time to relax, or just can't allow it, so your present will be perfect. However, be careful to choose time for your gift.

If you want your friend to relax before the wedding day, then make sure that it's at least two days before wedding. The bride will have mani and pedi and massage. Don't give facial, because your friend won't look very good at pictures. It's better to leave it after wedding.

The idea with spa may sound a bit general, while you'd want to give her something more personal. Well, in this case you can give her a photo frame with your picture. Write above the picture something, that will touch your friend. For instance, “Today your bridesmaids, forever your friends”.

Write your friend a letter and tell her what she means to you and how happy you to have her. You can even add some picture, that is special for two of you. This way you get a sentimental and meaningful gift.

Use something that your friend loves as an idea for the gift. For instance, if your friend loves keeping journal, you can give a special one for her, where she could incorporate the first year of being a married woman.

Some presents don't even have to be something that would last forever. All-natural soap or a knitted scarf will show how much you care for your friend. And if you're really good at cooking, you can throw a BBQ party for the newlyweds. Or make the first week of her married life cooking-free. Precook and freeze seven different dinners, and your friend will only have to defreeze and heat them up. It may sound rather dull, but such small things usually make people smile and think, how grateful they are for friends they have.



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