So Your Sister-in-Law Lives With You

So Your Sister-in-Law Lives With YouThere are many problems with in-laws that are familiar to many families. One of them is that your sister-in-law lives with you. You share food and rooms, but it drives you crazy and you want to get rid of her as soon as possible. Calm down, we give you some tips on how you can handle the situation and keep family relations strong.

Every family has its own problems considering staying sister-in-law with them. Each situation is unique, but the problem is the same: you can't share your house with this woman and don't want to do it any more. But it seems that your sister-in-law just doesn't notice it and stays with you for a number of reasons: can't find job, apartment or she just enjoys staying with you.

No matter what's the reason why your sister-in-law stays with you, a two-week term is polite and fine, but no longer. The longer she lives with you, the more stressful situation becomes, especially if she occupies the room of one of your children.

The first that you have to do is to talk to your sister-in-law. Make sure that your spouse also participates in this conversation, and he or she is on your side. First of all you have to be your family oriented and think about your own convenience. And now you either make her leave within some time (for instance, till she finds a job and a new apartment) or set the number of rules that she has to follow.

The person who invented the rules was the greatest inventor in the world. Rules regulate every aspect of our life, including the relationship with family members. Don't let your sister-in-law live in your house without certain rules, otherwise she will be doing whatever she wants to and you will be cleaning after her and cooking for her. So here are some rules you can use to make your life with your sister-in-law easier for you:

  • she buys food (at least for herself) and contributes to bill payment
  • she helps you around the house: dishwashing, cleaning, washing, ironing etc.
  • she agrees babysitting when you need it;
  • if she lives with her children, then she teaches them good manners and cleans up the mess they leave
  • make sure that your sister-in-law and/or her kids don't disturb you and you have your own space in the house you share.

Don't try to make the staying of your sister-in-law at your hose to be comfortable for her while you suffer. It means that if you sister-in-law sleeps during the daytime, you don't have to be silent at this time. You have your own work to do, and it's not your problem whether you disturb your sister-in-law or not.

Hopefully, these little tips could help you make your life with your sister-in-law less stressful for you. Yes, relatives of your spouse can be annoying, but think about the feelings of your second half whenever you get annoyed or mad with your sister-in-law.



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