HP Officejet Pro 8725 Review

HP Officejet Pro 8725 ReviewAlmost every business has a great number of tasks to be done by printer. It is pretty convenient to have such a device at home or at the office, but how to choose a suitable one? One solution is to read this hp officejet pro 8725 review as it is a classy multifunction device with many peculiar features and abilities.


Hp officejet pro 8725 is designed to perform many tasks. So it can copy, print, scan and even fax. The last function is not widely-used today, but anyway, here you have it. It is a pretty fast device with great output, let's look at figures.

  • First monochrome page is out in 10 seconds and the color one even faster, in 9 seconds. It means that hp officejet pro 8725 quickly processes data and starts operating.
  • Print speed is 24 and 20 pages per minute in black and color respectively. This is more than the average inkjet has.
  • In a month you are to print about 2 thousand pages with a high resolution of 4800 x 1200 dots per inch.

Hp 8725 printer is designed to produce advanced images, sharp docs, cards and envelopes, it works great with many types and sizes of paper.

Ink is of crucial importance when it comes to output quality. As when you don't put the right cartridge you will have a messy document page or low-quality photo. Therefore, be sure you use compatible hp officejet pro 8725 ink like the one offered by Smart Ink.

Connectivity options

During installation, the printer can be connected in various ways. The 3 most popular options are USB port, Ethernet cable and wireless connection. After that you can send to press and rule hp 8725 printer from all your gadgets, whether it's a PC, tablet or phone.

What is more, the device supports all the apps needed for wireless operation such as original ePrint from HP, Apple AirPrint for IOS and Mopria-certified for Android. As for the operating system, hp officejet pro 8725 works well with Windows, Mac OS and Linux.





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