How to Clean Your Keyboard

How to Clean Your KeyboardHave you noticed a stain on your keyboard or crumbles between the keys? Probably you should clean it. If you use your the keyboard for a long time, surely it becomes dirty. Read on to learn how to clean your keyboard.

If you don't clean your keyboard regularly, it will become dirty fast. Don't wait till it is unpleasant to look at, no one wants their working place to be messy. The best way to keep your keyboard clean is to to wipe it every day or at least every week. However, usually users think up a lot of reasons to avoid this dirty job and clean the keys once a month or even several months. Of course, in such a case the keyboard will need more thorough cleaning. There are a few ways to clean a dirty keyboard.

Modern technologies allow to clean the keyboard in the quickest and most convenient way possible. For example, USB powered keyboard vacuum cleaner is a mini vacuum cleaner which is connected to the USB port of the computer. Usually you can buy it along with different brushes and nozzles which help clean even in the hard-to-reach areas.

Though USB powered keyboard vacuum cleaners are not hard to find, many users still prefer to clean their keyboard by hand using different methods. Here are some of them.

If your keyboard is not very dirty and you don't want to remove the keys, you can use the following method. Take an adhesive tape and paste on the keys, then turn the keyboard upside down and shake up a few times. This cleaning method will help get rid of dust and crumbs between the keys.

If the dirt gets underneath the keys, it can cause the keys to stick. In such a case the above-described method won't help. Removing the keys will be the best way out. Take a small screwdriver and carefully remove every key. Then take a wet cloth soaked in soap or detergent diluted with water and wipe the keyboard panel and every key.

Another method can help clean even a very dirty keyboard. You should disassemble your keyboard completely, screw out all the bolts that are usually in the lower panel and remove the keys. Pour water in a plastic bag and add any mild detergent. Put all the keys and two panels of the keyboard in the bag and shake a little, then rinse and dry well.

Tips on How to Clean the Keyboard Properly

Before cleaning, disconnect the keyboard from the computer.

Before removing the keys, you should take a picture of your keyboard draw it in order to assemble the keyboard properly once the keys are clean.

Wipe the keys with a cotton wool ball or cotton swab. Use water diluted with some detergent to moisten them.

Don't use a too wet cloth to wipe the keyboard. Make sure that water drops don't fall on the keyboard contacts. It will be better if you clean your keyboard with a moist lint-free cloth.





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