How to Save a Phone Dropped in Water

How to Save a Phone Dropped in WaterIf you have you accidentally dropped your phone in water, you need to act fast in order to save it. Let's learn how to save a phone dropped in water.

Water is dangerous to any phone. If moisture gets to the phone chips, it can cause oxidation and corrosion and you won't be able to fix your phone. By the way, if you leave your phone in the bathroom very often, high humidity can damage your phone as well. How to save a wet phone?

First, you should remove the battery from your phone. If your phone is vibrating in water, don't turn it off in the usual way. Remove the battery cover and the battery instead. Don't try to check if your phone still works by turning it on to prevent a short circuit.

Take out the SIM card or cards and the memory card and remove the socket covers. Try to disassemble everything you can and leave your phone to dry. Don't shake your phone to remove moisture as it can cause even more harm.

You will have to dry your wet phone for a long time to remove the water completely. Never put your phone on the radiator because intense heating and hot air can damage the phone's chips. You can use a vacuum cleaner to dry out your phone. Make sure that the vacuum cleaner pulls the air in, but not vice versa.

You can also use a hair dryer to dry out your phone faster, but avoid a high heat setting. Dry your phone with cold air keeping the hair dryer at some distance from the phone.

Then leave the phone and its parts to dry for at least 8 hours. But it'd be better if you let it dry for several days if possible. Then you can try to turn it on.

Another way to dry your phone out is to put it into a bag of uncooked rice. Rice will absorb the moisture. Keep in mind that the phone and its parts should be dried separately.

Moisture in your phone can cause different types of damage, but the battery is damaged more often. That's why your phone might start run out faster even if you've dried it properly.

You will surely have problems with your phone after its soaking, that's why bring it to a cell phone repair shop.

If you drop your phone into tea, sweet drinks, oil or beer, the above-described methods won't help. You will have to disassemble it completely and wash in soapy water, rinse out, dry out and take it to the cell phone repair shop.

Keep in mind that a wet phone can't be replaced under warranty, that's why try to be careful with your gadgets.





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