NYC Vegetarian Food Festival

NYC Vegetarian Food Festival
NYC Vegetarian Food Festival is an annual vegetarian festival held in New York city to promote vegetarianism and veganism among the public and support individuals and organizations that endorse, promote or practice a vegetarian/vegan, cruelty-free lifestyle.

NYC Vegetarian Food Festival is organized by U.S. Veg Corp, an event production and marketing company which aims to support the growing vegetarian and green markets. Its flagship events are the annual vegetarian festivals held in New York City, Arizona and California. Founded in 2010, NYC Vegetarian Food Festival has since become one of the nation’s most popular and important vegetarian festivals.

The festival is designed for vegetarians, vegans and all those who are interested in a healthy, environmentally sustainable and animal-friendly lifestyle. It’s an impressive showcase of 100% vegan foods illustrating that a vegan diet can be very diverse, delicious, indulgent, and rich in essential nutrients.

NYC Vegetarian Food Festival features an impressive array of exhibitors offering vegan food and non-food products. Local cafes and restaurants use the festival as a platform to promote their vegan menus. One can be 100% sure that all food items at the event are dairy-free and egg-free vegetarian. They do not contain meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, honey, animal derivatives (gelatin, lard, tallow, broth, etc.), or dairy derivatives (casein, whey).

All non-food items exhibited at NYC Vegetarian Food Festival have not been tested on animals and are free of wool, fur, leather, gelatin and any animal products or animal slaughter derivatives.

The festival takes place at the Metropolitan Pavilion and runs over a weekend in spring. NYC Vegetarian Food Festival is held indoors so it takes place rain or shine.

NYC Vegetarian Food Festival

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