Veggie Fest

Veggie Fest
Veggie Fest is one of the largest and most popular vegetarian food and lifestyle festivals in North America. It is held every summer in the state of Illinois, United States.

Vegetarian and vegan festivals, also known as vegfests, are held around the world to promote vegetarianism and/or veganism among the general public. Many of them are a combination of a food festival and a music festival, and also contain edutainment (educational entertainment).

Chicago’s Veggie Fest was founded in 2005 and has since become one of the largest events of its kind on the North American continent. Its 10th anniversary edition in 2015 attracted about 30,000 attendees, and the event still continues to grow. The festival is organized with the help of more than 1,000 volunteers from around the world.

What does Veggie Fest has to offer? The festival features an international food court with vegetarian and vegan dishes from different countries, food demos, international speakers, live music, a children’s tent, and over 100 vendors.

The festival’s food court gives a unique opportunity to choose from an impressive selection of delicious vegetarian cuisines. Numerous booths offer incredible dishes, including plenty of vegan and gluten-free food. At Veggie Fest, you can sample vegetarian treats from different corners of the world, including India, Thailand, Mexico, Japan, Israel, China, Italy, and the Caribbean. Along with hearty dishes and snacks, vendors offer smoothies, fresh fruit and juices, cool drinks, ice cream, and desserts.

Exciting food demos are another highlight of the festival. They are conducted by restaurant and commercial chefs, guest chefs, and cookbook authors and coaches. At Veggie Fest food demos, visitors can get plenty of inspiration, ideas for new vegetarian and vegan dishes to make, and tasty free samples. You can also attend talks by international speakers on topics such as healthy lifestyle, conscious living, and spirituality.

The program of Veggie Fest also includes live music and family fun, such as the Vegi-Kids Parade, the Family Meditation Tent, and the Art Show. All educational activities and entertainment for children are designed and managed by professional educators.

Veggie Fest

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