Veg Food Fest

Veg Food Fest
The Toronto Vegetarian Association annually holds one of the largest vegetarian food festivals in entire Canada. About 50,000 vegetarians, vegans as well as non-vegetarians attend the Veg Food Festival, which is held on the second weekend in September.

The Veg Food Fest is annually hosted by a non-profit organization the Toronto Vegetarian Association, which was founded in 1945. This organization uses the festival to inspire people to choose cruelty-free life and eliminate or at least reduce consumption of animal products, and thus have healthier, greener and happier life.

During the three days the Veg Food Fest gives everyone an opportunity to try new vegetarian and vegan meals and enjoy interesting family-friendly activities. Although this is a vegetarian-lifestyle festival, it will be interesting for people who eat meat. As far as you like the food at the festival, you will definitely enjoy this event.

The Veg Food Fest is not only about eating food. It’s also stuffed with different events, like discussions, lectures, music, fitness and cooking demonstrations. These events will be interesting for the new vegetarians as well as for those, who follow this diet for years. There’s always something new that you didn’t know, whether it’s the new vegetarian food, that is about to appear in the local supermarkets, or new nutrition researches proving the benefits of being a vegetarian.

Don’t miss your chance to visit this great festival with its dozens of delicious vegetarian food vendors. This festival is getting bigger and better every year, inspiring thousands of people in Canada to live less cruel life.

The festival is held at Harbourfront Centre, that is easily accessible by car, train and on foot. Over 10 acres of beautiful Harbourfront Centre’s waterfront are waiting for you to join the best weekend-long celebration in Toronto!

In 2020, the event was held online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

 Veg Food Fest

Photo: Toronto Vegetarian Association




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