VegfestUK is an annual vegan food festival that is held in four cities across the United Kingdom – Bristol, Brighton, London and Glasgow. The festival was founded in Bristol in 2003 and then has expanded to other cities. It is one of the largest events of its kind in Europe.

VegfestUK was founded by Tim Barford, a manager in the Bristol-based company Yaoh that produces organic vegan hemp products. He came up with the idea of mixing the seriousness of veganism with a fun and relaxed festival atmosphere. Barford wanted to create an event where people could eat vegan food, dance, party, socialize and learn about healthy ethical eating.

During the first six years, VegfestUK was held in Bristol. In 2009, the event expanded to Brighton. The first London edition took place in 2013, and Vegfest Scotland was introduced in 2015. The festival partially owes its rising popularity to the 2013 horsemeat scandal in Europe that sparked interest in vegetarian meat alternatives and eco-friendly lifestyles.

VegfestUK showcases the very best of a vegan lifestyle to the public. Some people who are only slightly curious about vegan lifestyle and just come to the festival to have fun end up going vegan and staying vegan. Every VegfestUK attracts thousands of visitors and over a hundred exhibitors united by their love for all things vegan.

VegfestUK is Britain’s prime marketplace for the sampling, sale and purchase of vegan foods. The organizers make sure that all food and drinks supplied at the festival are suitable for vegans. VegfestUK is all about going vegan, it demonstrates how easy it is go vegan for your health, for the environment, and for sustainable global food production.

Along with the vegan market, each VegfestUK offers a rich and diverse entertainment program that features cookery workshops, practical demonstrations by leading chefs, talks by campaigners and nutritionists, special activities for children, moves, comedy, bodybuilders’ competitions, speed-dating sessions, and lots of music.

Previous performers and speakers included Ms. Dynamite, Goldie Lookin’ Chain, Finley Quaye, Peter Hook, Macka B, Neil Robinson, Fiona Oaks, Kerry McCarthy, Dean Howell, Sara Pascoe, Juliet Gellantley, Janey Lee Drace and other special guests. Top athletes come to VefgestUK to demonstrate that it is possible to be vegan and an athlete.

The festival also organizes the annual VegfestUK Awards given to vegan products, services, people, and organizations. From 2013 onward, the ceremony is held at the London edition of the festival.

In 2020 and 2021, the event was held online due to the coronavirus pandemic.


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