Jember Fashion Carnaval

Jember Fashion Carnaval
The Jember Fashion Carnaval (JFC, Karnaval Busana Jember) is an annual carnival held in the city of Jember, Indonesia. The world “carnival” in its name is officially spelled as “carnaval”, probably as a reference to the Dutch spelling “carnaval” or Indonesian spelling “karnaval”.

The Jember Fashion Carnaval was created by Indonesian fashion designer and educator Dynand Faryz. In 2001, he organized a fashion week focusing on world fashion. The event was entitled Pekan Mode Dynand Fariz. In 2002, the fashion week moved to Jamber. This prompted the creation of the carnival. The inaugural Jember Fashion Carnaval took place in January 2003.

The second carnival was held eight months later, in August 2003. Since then, the Jember Fashion Carnaval has been held once a year, every August. The event doesn’t have anything to do with the Western Christian festive season that occurs before Lent. However, it is similar to the Brazilian carnival, in the sense that both carnivals feature a street procession of dancers and vibrant costumes.

The Jamber Fashion Carnaval puts an emphasis on traditional Indonesian clothes, although national costumes from around the world are also featured. The participants of the carnival procession march along the 3.6 km catwalk in downtown Jamber, attracting thousands of spectators from all over Indonesia and abroad.

The best costumes at the carnival are awarded with special prizes. The awards include the JFC Award, Special Award, Best Performance, Best Costume, and Unique Costume.

The event also features traditional music and dancing, theater, street performance, and a plethora of exciting events and activities for attendees of all ages and backgrounds. Along with the main procession, the JFC team also organizes a children’s carnival known as JFC mini.

Jember Fashion Carnaval

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