Salon du Chocolat in Paris

Salon du Chocolat in Paris
There are many food festivals around the world, that are dedicated to chocolate, for instance, the Salon du Chocolat, that is held in many countries. We’re going to visit the Salon du Chocolat in Paris, since it’s the very first festival of this kind dedicated to chocolate.

It all started in Paris in 1995 when two entrepreneurs, who were in love with chocolate and each other, decided to organize the very first event dedicated to chocolate only. Their attempt wasn’t supported and they were never exposed recognition they deserve, however now the Salon du Chocolat is annually held in many countries across Europe, Asia, Northern America and Africa.

The Salon du Chocolat is a great exhibition area with more that 400 exhibitors presenting their chocolate to the visitors. There are many themes around chocolate, covering ice cream, pastry, confectionery and cocoa. During five days of the festival the chocolate lovers can taste different candies and chocolate, and also meet chocolate brands and the best French and international chocolatiers.

The Salon in Paris has got a very interesting program full of different sweet events. The most delicious show is the Pastry Show, that is full of demonstrations of chocolate recipes from world known chefs, chocolatiers and pastry chefs. By the way, don’t forget to jot down, because it’s the only one place, where you can learn all the secrets of cooking with chocolate.

The Chocolate Fashion Show is the most spectacular and unforgettable show ever. Slim models wear fascinating dresses, decorated with real chocolate. The dresses are demonstrated on the catwalk everyday, and also can be seen at a dedicated exhibition.

Other events of the Salon du Chocolat in Paris include music concerts, conferences, tastings, book presentations, cooking lessons and presentation of numerous awards to the best chocolatiers and cocoa producers.

Salon du Chocolat in Paris




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