CioccolaTÒ (Turin Chocolate Festival)

CioccolaTÒ (Turin Chocolate Festival)
The Piedmont region of Italy is known for chocolate production because the world’s second biggest chocolate producer and confectionery company, Ferrero, is based here in the town of Alba. Turin, the capital city of Piedmont, hosts an annual chocolate festival to promote the region’s confectionery industry. The Turin Chocolate Festival, also known as CioccolaTÒ, takes place in November.

Chocolate is one of the most popular food types in the world. Although cocoa originated in the Americas, most of the world’s cocoa is produced in Africa, and some of the largest and best known confectionery companies are based in Europe. Some of the world’s best chocolate is made in Belgium, Switzerland, the UK, France, and Italy.

According to legend, chocolate was introduced to Piedmont by Duke of Savoy in the 16th century, but the region’s chocolate industry really began to thrive in the 19th century. Aside from many kinds of chocolate, local chocolate firms produce Gianduiotto, a type of chocolate confection made with hazelnut. Turin is also known for bicerin, a traditional hot drink made of espresso, drinking chocolate and milk.

To celebrate local chocolate, Turin hosts CioccolaTÒ, an annual chocolate festival featuring the leading chocolate producers of Piedmont, such as Venchi, Caffarel (the company that invented Gianduiotto), Streglio and others, as well as some big international companies, such as Lindt & Sprüngli.

The Turin Chocolate Festival was founded in 2003 and has since become the largest artisan chocolate festival in Italy. Although it does feature some big brands, the event mostly focuses on artisan chocolate made by local chocolatiers. The event takes place at one of the main city squares in Turin, Piazza San Carlo. During the festival, the piazza is filled with stalls and booths where artisans offer to taste and buy delicious chocolate and confections.

In addition to the chocolate market, the festival program includes meetings with chocolate producers, talks, lectures, workshops, and special activities for children of all ages. CioccolaTÒ is the perfect place to learn more about chocolate and its history, sample the best local chocolate, and simply have a good time in one of the most beautiful Italian cities.

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