The city of Perugia is known for its chocolate factory, which is now incorporated by Nestlè. Its chocolate and the EuroChocolate festival are very popular around Italy. The latter is really renowned, and annually around one million tourists and locals come to one of the largest chocolate festivals in the world.

EuroChocolate was started by an architect Eugenio Guarducci in 1993. His event was dedicated to Italian and international chocolate tradition, and it became very popular over the years. Nowadays this festival is the most important event of Perugia.

During ten days Perugia looks like a giant chocolate factory. The smell of chocolate is in the air at every street of the city, although the main events take place at the numerous piazzas of Perugia. All visitors of the festival can participate in the events and activities, that are prepared for them. There are cooking demonstrations, lectures, workshops and tastings. All events are free for the visitors, and there’s no entrance fee neither!

This festival is known for numerous chocolate sculptures that are erected around the city. The visitors have an opportunity to admire the work of the artists with giant blocks of chocolate. However, their sculptures are not the only to see around the city. Every year organizers think about one main chocolate installation, that will provide all tourists with great pictures. In 2016 it became a selfie stick with a giant chocolate bar instead of a smartphone. The bar was made of real chocolate and it weighed 6,000 kg.

The EuroChocolate festival is the place, where you can find the treats from the major chocolate producers in the world. Over 100 companies participate in this festival, providing the visitors with their treats and souvenirs. It’s the place where you can find famous Perugian chocolate bricks, chocolate liquors and other chocolate treats to taste.





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