Scallop Fair in Normandy

Scallop Fair in Normandy
Normandy is a real paradise for seafood lovers, as it is the chief mussel-raising, oyster-cultivating, and scallop-exporting region in France. Its seafood festivals attract numerous tourists from all over France and abroad. For example, scallop fairs are mainly held in Lower Normandy in late October or early November.

Scallops are saltwater clams that belong to the taxonomic family Pectinidae. Many species of scallop are highly prized as a food source. They offer two textures and flavors in one shell: the firm and white meat called “scallop”, and the soft and brightly colored roe called “coral”.

Traditionally, fishing for wild scallops has been the preferred practice because scallop farming can be expensive, but declines in wild scallop population have resulted in the growth of scallop aquaculture. Northern France is best known for farming two scallop species, the queen scallop and the great scallop.

The scallop fishing season in Normandy begins in mid-autumn and lasts until April. Its start is marked with scallop fairs and festivals held in scallop fishing and farming centers throughout the region. The two most popular fairs are held in the communes of Villers-sur-Mer and Port-en-Bessin-Huppain.

Scallop fairs in Port-en-Bessin-Huppain and Villers-sur-Mer offer delicious scallop dishes and entertainment for attendees of all ages. A scallop fair is a perfect opportunity to buy high-quality, fresh scallops and other seafood offered by local producers at special prices. The program also includes tasting sessions and demonstrations with the region’s leading chefs, wine and gourmet products, local specialties, a themed craft village, live music and other entertainment, colorful parades, and more.

Scallop Fair in Normandy



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