Bloemencorso Leersum (Leersum Flower Parade)

Bloemencorso Leersum (Leersum Flower Parade)
Flower bulb cultivation is an important sector of the economy of the Netherlands. A significant portion of Dutch agricultural export consists of flower bulbs, flowers, and fresh-cut plants. No wonder that the Netherlands is known for its colorful flower parades that celebrate the country’s flower industry. In Dutch, a flower parade is called bloemencorso. One of the most famous such parades is Bloemencorso Leersum.

Most of the Dutch cities, towns and villages that host flower parades are located in the provinces of North Holland, South Holland and Flevoland, which form the flower region of the Netherlands. However, there are flower-growing centers in other provinces, too. For example, the town of Leersum that hosts one of the best known flower parades is located in Utrecht.

Like most other flower parades in the Netherlands, Bloemencorso Leersum originated from the annual celebration of King’s Day, the birthday of the reigning monarch. Back then, the holiday was called Queen’s Day because the monarch of the Netherlands was Queen Wilhelmina. Her birthday was celebrated on August 31 with parades that featured platforms adorned with heather, moss and marigold.

When Queen Wilhelmina abdicated and her daughter Juilana ascended the Dutch throne, Queen’s Day was moved to April 30. However, the residents of Leersum kept on holding their annual flower parade in August because it had become a beloved tradition by then.

The inaugural Bloemencorso Leersum took place in 1953. It has been held every year since its inception, drawing thousands of tourists from all over the country and abroad. During the event, the main street of Leersum is filled with floats and cars covered in flowers and decorated with breathtaking flower sculptures. Many town residents decorate their houses with flowers to contribute to the atmosphere.

Bloemencorso Leersum is usually held on the third weekend of August. Along with the flower parade itself, it features other exciting events and activities, including a fair with amusement rides, live entertainment, delicious street food, and more.

Bloemencorso Leersum

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