Vimoutiers Apple Festival

Vimoutiers Apple Festival
The French region of Normandy is known for its well-developed agricultural sector. Among other things, it is a significant producer of apple-based alcoholic drinks such as cider and calvados (apple brandy governed by appellation contrôlée regulations). To celebrate the apple harvest, the annual Vimoutiers Apple Festival (Foire de la pomme) is held in the Orne department of Normandy.

Vimoutiers is a small commune in north-western France with a population of just a little over 3,500 people. During the year, it hosts several agriculture-related events, including one of Normandy's biggest farmers markets for local producers in August and the annual Apple Festival in October.

The Vimoutiers Apple Festival, also referred to as the Normandy Apple Festival, takes place during the third weekend in October and lasts for three days filled with various festivities, including a farmers market, a trade show, a large fun fair, various contests and competitions, live performances, and a grand parade on Sunday afternoon.

At the festival, you can learn about different varieties of apples (for example, have you known that calvados can be made from over 200 named apple varieties?), eat delicious apple tarts and other apple-based dishes, go for a stroll in an apple orchard, sample cider, calvados and pommeau (an alcoholic drink made by mixing calvados with apple juice), buy local produce (including high-quality cheeses) at the farmers market, and have lots of fun.

The festival program also features an apple pie contest for amateurs, an apple contest for growers, a cider contest, a pomological exhibition (i.e. an agricultural exhibition focusing on apple cultivation), a trade show, cider making demonstrations, and other events and activities. The festival culminates with a parade on Sunday afternoon featuring dancers and musicians in vibrant costumes.

Vimoutiers Apple Festival




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