Shrimp Festival in Honfleur

Shrimp Festival in Honfleur
Northern Normandy, France, boasts of its annual bright and unusual food festival, that is dedicated to shrimps. These little things are available to eat during the Shrimp Festival in Honfleur, that is called in French “Fête de la crevette”.

Fête de la crevette, or the Shrimp Festival, is annually held in Honfleur since 1994. It’s held in the beginning of October during one of the weekends, that is Saturday and Sunday only. During these two days the city is full of different events, that are dedicated to shrimps.

The festival is dedicated not to shrimps only, but to the sea and fishing in general. And since there’s lots of “petite grise”, or little grey, shrimps at the shore of Honrleur, the choice of the main food of the festival is really clear.

The events of the festival include many activities connected with fishing and the sea itself. A huge fish market opens to provide different kinds of fish and shrimps. An ancient ship procession as well as different exhibitions are definitely worth seeing. The events of the festival also include concerts, cooking demonstrations and activities for children.

The main event of the day is connected with shrimps. Everyone is eager to try some shrimps, but no one wants to get dirty hands to peel them. The organizers cunningly decided to arrange a shrimp-peeling competition, so that the guests can enjoy delicious shrimps, and the winners get their prizes.

The peeled shrimps are used to cook different meals, that the attendees of the festival can taste. And when you will be full of shrimps, don’t forget to take a walk around Honfleur. It’s and old and very beautiful city with its own sights and nice narrow streets. The most interesting sights are the old port, Saint-Catherine’s church, salt granaries and various museums, dedicated to art, the history of the city and navy.

Shrimp Festival in Honfleur




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