Helsinki Baltic Herring Market

Helsinki Baltic Herring Market
The Helsinki Baltic Herring Market is one of the oldest food markets in Finland, attracting millions of tourists and those, who love the taste of marinated herring. It’s annually held in the beginning of October at Helsinki Market Square and surrounding docks.

The Helsinki Herring Market exists in Helsinki since 1743, when it was established by the royal decree. However, it’s not the only one held in Finland. There are also other herring markets around the country, for instance in Turku and Rauma, that you can visit as well.

In the past, the Helsinki Herring Market has always been very popular, because it was the only time of the year, when all fishermen came to the docks and could sell their fish. However, when the delivery of herring to Finland was organized on the regular basis all year long, the significance of the market declined, particularly after the end of the World War II. The fish market was revived only in 1976, when the traders have started to attract more visitors to the old tradition.

The Helsinki Baltic Herring Market is the best place to go to buy the most delicious herring. Fishermen bring salted and marinated herring in big barrels and packed in small buckets. Also the number of marinades for the herring is enormous, and you can find herring marinated in roman berries as well as in red pepper.

Apart from marinated and salted herring, there’s also lots of other food: wholemeal bread, honey, jam, mushrooms, vegetables etc. You even can find clothes made of wool of island sheep and other handicrafts.

The program of this huge fair includes different events and activities for the whole family. As usual, there’s a contest for the best marinated herring, and the rowing race, that is the most spectacular event. The events are free for public, so don’t miss this chance to see the most interesting and exciting Finnish food festival.

Helsinki Baltic Herring Market




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