Food & Wine Expo

Food & Wine Expo
The Food & Wine Expo is one of Australia’s largest consumer exhibitions. It is designed to introduce Australians to gourmet food and exquisite wines as well as to give visitors an opportunity to meet celebrity chefs and purchase high-quality homeware and kitchenware. The expo comprises five shows that take place in Perth, Gold Coast, Canberra, Brisbane, and Newcastle.

The Food & Wine Expo is an annual three-day event dedicated to celebrity chefs, food, wine and cheese, cocktails and everything gourmet. It hosts five shows that take place across Australia throughout the year. The Food & Wine Expos are managed and produced by CTM Events. These shows give exhibitors a great chance to sell their products, gain valuable recognition and boost their brand awareness, test new products and product lines, get to know their customers and gain new life-long customers. But why are the Food & Wine Expos interesting to the general public?

Each exhibition features culinary presentations, free cooking demonstrations by celebrity chefs, several dozen exhibitors, free samples and tastings, etc. The most exciting events take place on the main stage. That’s where cooking demonstrations are held. Celebrity chefs from all over the country, local chefs, Masterchef and MKR (My Kitchen Rules) contestants demonstrate recipes and cooking ideas for you to try at home.

The expo’s Appreciation Area is dedicated to tasting, sampling and learning the art of fine food and wine. Non-stop appreciation sessions run throughout the expo, so you can drop in anytime you want. Not that not all expos feature exactly the same classes. Each Food & Wine Expo has its own exclusive events. For example, the 2017 Newcastle expo offered the Kurrajong Kitchen event to bring the cheese and lavosh experience, the 2016 Perth Expo hosted a cheese lovers appreciation class and a cheese making demonstration. Each expo features special events organized by local businesses.

One of the main attractions at each Food & Wine Expo is the Celebrity Dining Room. It’s a unique chance for an intimate dining experience with a celebrity chef. The chef designs the menu, prepares the meal and then joins visitors for the full tasting matched with wines at a Friday night dinner or a luncheon on Saturday and Sunday. The Celebrity Dining Room is a great opportunity to get up close and personal with a celebrity chef and learn some of their secrets.

Food & Wine Expo

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