How to Get the Wet Hair Look

How to Get the Wet Hair LookThe wet hair look isn’t exactly a new trend, but like most trends, it enjoys periodic comebacks. It’s a hairstyle that works with all hair textures and cuts. Another great thing about this trendy look is that it’s surprisingly easy to recreate – no professional hair stylists required! So how to make your hair look wet?

1. Prep Your Hair in a Right Way

Start with washing your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo and applying a conditioner that will tame the frizz and boost your natural shine. Finger comb your hair to detangle it (using a comb or a brush on wet hair can cause breakage) and let it dry naturally until your hair is damp instead of soaking wet. Getting your hair damp enough is really important for creating the wet hair look because if your hair is too wet, the styling product won’t stick, but if it’s not damp enough, it will be more difficult to style.

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2. Choose the Right Hair Gel

The most common styling product used to create the wet hair look is styling gel. The key to making your hair look naturally wet is to pick a high-quality styling gel with strong hold and to make sure you don’t use too much product in the first application. Start with just a dollop of product and add more gradually until you’re completely satisfied with your look. The more gel you add, the wetter your hair will look, but if you use too much product, your hair will look like it’s glued to your head, so don’t go overboard.

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3. Consider Using Other Products Depending on Your Hair Length and Texture

Although gel is the most popular styling product used for the wet hair look, there are other products that can help such as waxes and pomades. If you have very straight hair, try applying wax along the length and finishing the ends off with gel. If your hair is curly, applying wax without gel will help you create waves, while gel will keep your hair curly. For a wet ponytail look, try using pomade. If your hair tends to get greasy, avoid applying too much product to your roots.

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4. Style and Set Your Look

Comb or brush you hair back for a sleek look. If you have curly hair, gently scrunch it to create waves. When you’re satisfied with your look, apply a shine spray to give your hair extra gloss and a flexible hairspray to keep your hairdo in place, and you’re good to go!

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