How to Create a Safe Password

How to Create a Safe PasswordToday information is more expensive than anything else and it should be protected from hackers. No matter how you slice it, you won't be able to do without a safe password which would protect your mailbox and accounts on numerous sites. You will learn how to create a safe password on AnydayGuide.

The level of protection of your personal data on the Internet depends only on the password you've chosen. Simple passwords that consist of less than 6 symbols are not safe. A safe password should consist of at least 6 letters and numbers. A strong password is a password that contains more than 14 characters. Moreover, there should be letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and symbols in such a password.

Never choose frequently used passwords which are simple and easily guessable. For instance, such passwords as 111111, 123456, 123123, 123321 are not safe as they can be hacked in a split second. “Password”, “qwerty”, etc are not more reliable. It may seem that nobody will use such passwords, but hackers will try them first of all.

Don't use your pets' names, your date of birth, address or ZIP code. They may seem original, but that's not the case.

It's not difficult to create a safe password if you use online password generators. Today there are a lot of them on the Internet and they are easy to use. You should only choose what kind of characters will be used in the password. Then you set the password length. Remember that the longer password is, the better your data will be protected. Having set all the parameters, click the Generate password button and you will have a safe password.

Online password generators are easy to use and have high level of security. Every user can get a unique password which is hard to crack. However, it's very difficult to memorize such a password. Since it is not recommended to write down the passwords, it will be better if you create a password by yourself.

You can create a password without a great deal of difficulty and memorize it just as easily. For instance, use two words which are not connected with each other and add a number or a symbol between them. Besides, you should use at least one uppercase letter.

Another way to create a safe password is to use a phrase. Choose any phrase, quote, or a line from your favorite poem and use the first letters of every word to create a password. If the phrase is too short, use the first two letters of every word. Don't forget to add a few numbers or symbols.

You can create a password transforming a simple word, for instance “password”, in different ways. Just don't substitute letters with widely used symbols, because any hacker knows that, for example, “a” is usually replaced by “@”. Such a method won't work.