Seasonal Skincare: Must-Have Beauty Products for Different Seasons

Seasonal Skincare: Must-Have Beauty Products for Different SeasonsTransitioning from one season to another can take a toll on your skin if you don’t tweak your skincare routine. In fact, you should have a separate skincare routine for each of the seasons. Here’s our list of must-have beauty products for different seasons that will be a great addition to your seasonal beauty regimens.


Must-have products: a sulfate-free cream cleanser, a delicate scrub, a rich moisturizer, an alcohol-free toner, hydrating and repairing skin serums, a protective lip balm, a sunscreen.

During the cold winter months, out skin is greatly affected by the cold, wind, and other environmental factors. Therefore, your winter skincare regimen must include products that keep the skin hydrated and protected, as well as cleanse it without causing any additional damage.

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Must-have products: a micellar cleanser, a gentle chemical exfoliant with AHAs or enzymes, a lightweight moisturizer, revitalizing face serums, detox face masks, a sunscreen.

When spring arrives, you need to help your skin get rid of the toxins it has accumulated during winter, so detox masks and chemical exfoliants will definitely come in handy. And face serums with antioxidants will help you make your skin look less dull and brighten your complexion.

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Must-have products: an oil-free, foaming cleanser, a very light moisturizer (try aloe vera gel) with SPF, a post-tanning product, a soothing serum, a lip balm with SPF, a sunscreen.

Your summer beauty regimen should be as light as possible. Basically, you need products to keep your skin clean and hydrated and to protect it from the sun. We recommend that you opt for natural products and stay away from strong active ingredients.

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Must-have products: a replenishing moisturizer, a face scrub or chemical peel, a cleansing and detoxifying clay mask, an antioxidant serum, a repairing lip balm, a sunscreen.

During fall, you should repair your sun damaged skin and prepare it for cooler days. This mean that you’ll need to use more detoxifying, repairing and revitalizing products, as well as switch to moisturizers with a richer texture, maybe even try facial oils.

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P. S. Maybe you’ve noticed that we’ve included sunscreen in all four lists. That’s because your skin needs sun protection all the year round – no exceptions!





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