Floor Care – Carpets Cleaning

Floor Care – Carpets CleaningOf all the various of floor coverings, carpets are the most decorative. They also possess excellent anti-slip properties and a more forgiving regarding falls and breakages.

But since carpets are made from a wide variety of materials, we must ensure that the correct cleaning method is used, so that we don’t damage or shrink them. You may go for it on your own, or call to the carpet cleaning Spokane.

You need to know about the construction and style of a carpet, in order to clean it effectively, particularly if you’re going beyond a simple vacuum clean. And remember, as with all floor cleaning, when vacuuming, you should always use safety signs, to alert people to the potential dangers of trailing cables. And if you’re cleaning involves liquids, keep the signs up until the carpet is completely dry to prevent slipping.

Vacuum Cleaning

Looking at vacuuming first, upright back gets best results on carpets. Since the brush unit opens the carpet pile and helps lift the dust particles and removes the maximum amount of dirt. A tub back – is the most popular choices in the industry, as they are light, very easy to use, and a relatively economical to buy.

Bonnet Buffing

Bonnet buffing is a great method to use for a quick and easy maintenance clean of a low profile carpet & carpet tiles. For this we need a good, professional vacuum cleaner that has a brush on it plus a slow speed rotary buffing machine. We also need to have a carpet bonnet mop, a pump up sprayer. To begin thoroughly vacuum the carpet. Then fill pump up sprayer with water and cleaning product. Liberally spray an area of carpet no more than 3 square meters. Ensure solution is applied to the bonnet mop using a sprayer. Finally start to buff the carpet in the area that has been sprayed. The bonnet mop should be washed or changed regularly throughout the task. Once the carpet is dry, thoroughly vacuum, to remove any encapsulated dirt.



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