How to Make Your House Comfortable

How to Make Your House ComfortableAlmost all people adore their houses. But if your house is not cozy you wiil not have the desire to come back home after a long day of work.

Bad feelings and associations can occur for various reasons such as bad renovation, piles of unnecessary old things, inappropriate building materials. Let's learn how to make your house comfortable.

If you do everything right it is easy to make you house cozy. So, if you have decided to renovate your house, you need think over how it should look, what furniture you want etc before buying building and decoration materials.

Let's dwell upon how to choose the dominant color for the house interior. All warm and dull colors are considered to be cozy colors. They are pink, beige, sand, terracotta, pastel yellow and orange. Consider that it will be comfortable to stay in the room with pale lilac or Cambridge blue walls. Though today bright colors are fashionable, avoid them in your interior.

Change the furniture in your house if it is very old. Squeaky couches, old tables and chairs make your house uncomfortable. The most noticeable is the discrepancy between the furniture and the interior style. If you like classical style, do not use plastic and glass pieces of furniture peculiar to high tech.

Pay special attention to the furniture arrangement in your house. Do not place massive pieces of furniture in small rooms. Do not place pieces of furniture at the walls in a long room in order not to make it even longer visually. In a big room you can use different partitions for zoning.

Textiles and wood will change any house. Use wood furniture instead of modern glass one, cover the windows with heavy curtains and your house will become more comfortable. Besides, wood has a unique aroma which reminds of the domestic hearth.

Soft pillows, thick blankets, heavy curtains, fluffy carpets give warmth and comfort. Even a simple rug folded skillfully on the sofa or the chair will make you think about a cup of hot chocolate and an interesting book.

If you want your house to be cozy do not forget about flowers. Get miniature fruit trees which not only look interesting but also are so beautiful in bloom. If you do not like such plants, choose any flowers you want so that they make you happy.

Pay attention to the lighting in your house. There should be at least two sources of light in every room. In addition to a ceiling lamp there should be additional sources of light on the walls. Do not use lamps that give white or bluish light. The light should be bright, soft and yellowish.

Sometimes it is hard to throw away old things. It seems that they do not influence our space perception. But it is easier to stay and breathe in your house if there is no old stuff. So, get rid of old things without hesitation and regret!