How to Dust Your House

How to Dust Your HouseMost women don't like cleaning and actually dusting is one of the most tedious duties. However, it is necessary to get rid of dust. Dusting seems to be a simple task, but not everybody knows how to do it correctly. Read on to learn how to dust your house.

If you don't know how to remove dust properly, it may have negative consequences. Many of us don't even imagine how dangerous dust is and why it resettles after cleaning. Let's consider how to dust in the right way.

Why do we have to dust our house? Surely, we do that to make our house more inviting. However, it's more important for our health. Dust is very harmful for our health as it can lead to allergies and cause respiratory problems. That's why removing dust from all the surfaces is of great importance.

Today dry dusting and wet dusting are two main dusting methods. Dry dusting is using a synthetic duster to sweep the dust off onto the floor. It means that you only move dust and then you should remove it from the floor. Though this method is easier than wet dusting, it has many disadvantages. First, it is dangerous to highly allergic individuals. Besides, dry dusting makes the dust float in the air for long. As dust might contain microbes or dust mites, it may be dangerous to breathe such air. Another drawback is that you have to do dry dusting more often than wet dusting.

If you still prefer this method, make sure that you sweep dust in one direction. Otherwise it will resettle onto the surfaces you have already cleaned.

In order to wipe dust, use a natural fiber cloth. Besides, today you can buy special microfiber dusting cloths. They absorb dust and don't release it into the air.

Wet the cloth or sponge thoroughly and squeeze out well. There are many helpful ideas which will make cleaning more effective. For instance, you can add some lemon juice to water. It won't only freshen up the air in your room, but also will help get rid of microbes. Don't use hot water to clean stained furniture. Wipe polished furniture with a dry cloth.

Pay special attention to clothing, books, soft toys as they accumulate much dust. Keep books in the bookcases with glass doors. Vacuum soft furnishings every day. Don't forget to wash soft toys and pillows and use air purifier.

It's common knowledge that you should clean your house regularly. Remember to dust your house at least 2 times a week.



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