How to Stay Awake While Driving

How to Stay Awake While DrivingWhen you travel by car, dozing off can become a serious problem for you. Driver fatigue is one of the most common causes of road accidents. That's why you should do everything possible not to fall asleep when driving. Let's learn how to stay awake while driving.

The tips on how to avoid falling asleep while driving can be of use not only for drivers, but also their fellow passengers. The point is that when fellow passenger drowses, driver can also start falling asleep. It would be better if both stayed awake. By the way, some people don't sleep even traveling by bus or train, because they worry about their luggage or are afraid of missing their stop.

You should have a good rest before your trip not to doze while driving. Plan your trip and pack your bag beforehand to have time for a good night's sleep. Take a snack before leaving. Don't eat a lot as a full stomach makes you sleepy.

An exciting conversation is one of the best ways not to sleep. If you travel with your friends or some interesting people, your journey won't seem too long and tiresome. Try to participate in conversation during the whole trip.

The front seat passenger should be very attentive. When they notice that the driver starts getting irritated, blinking and squinting a lot and his reaction is slowed down, they should tell him to stop the car. The front seat passenger should not sleep. If he or she wants to sleep, they should move to the backseat.

If you travel alone, listen to music. Be careful while choosing music. Don't listen to relaxing songs as they will put you to sleep. It's not recommended to listen to audiobooks as audiobook narrator's voice has a drowsy effect.

Another way not to doze while driving is stimulants, for instance caffeine. By the way, it is contained not only in coffee, but also in tea, Coke, energy drinks. Green or black tea is the best source of caffeine as it provides a long-term tonic effect.

Don't drink coffee while driving, because it has diuretic effect. Be very careful with energy drinks as well. They can have such adverse effects as tachycardia and nervousness.

When it's warm outside, open the windows or turn on the air conditioner as cool air will make you more energetic. It shouldn't be too hot in the car.

Make a stop from time to time to have a rest. You should rest for 10-15 min every two hours. Do a few simple physical exercises and eye exercises.

Small snacks such as nuts, dried or candied fruit, seeds, corn chips, pretzels, crackers will help you keep concentrated. Just be sure not to go overboard because eating too much might make you sleepy.

As you see, there are many ways not to fall asleep while driving. However, you should remember that nothing can substitute for a good sleep. Sleep well before traveling. If you have a strong desire to sleep while driving, it will be better to make a stop and sleep at least for half an hour not to endanger your fellow passengers' and your own life.



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