The Most Famous Scottish Castles

The Most Famous Scottish CastlesScotland is a wonderful country which is famous not only for its nature, but also unique castles, palaces, and fortresses. AnydayGuide will dwell on the most famous Scottish castles.

Ancient castles of Scotland are its main attractions. Scottish castles are an important part of the world's cultural and historic heritage. By the way, there are almost 3000 castles in Scotland and we are going to tell about the most famous of them all.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is tourists' favorite attraction as they can see the Stone of Scone here. It's a holy relic that was used for the coronation of many English monarchs. Besides, the Crown of Scotland is kept in Edinburgh Castle as well.

This castle is situated at the top of the Royal Mile that leads to the Palace of Holyroodhouse. Edinburgh Castle was built at the beginning of the 17th century. If you visit this castle you will learn many interesting facts about the sieges and battles which took place there.

Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle is located on top of an extinct volcano in Stirling. This castle is surrounded by steep cliffs that make it unassailable. Surely numerous sieges and battles have left their mark on the castle. You will notice that some walls of the castle are ruined. However, it proves that this castle can't be seized. Stirling Castle will give you the sense of the Middle Ages atmosphere.

Dunvegan Castle

This castle is situated on the Isle of Skye which is famous for its amazing nature beauty. Dunvegan Castle was built in the 14th century. Though it seems to be severe and unassailable, it is open to the public. Beautiful gardens surround the castle. You can see various rare flowers and trees in Dunvegan Gardens. No doubt Dunvegan Castle is worth visiting.

Glamis Castle

This castle was reconstructed in the 17th century, that's why its architecture reminds of French castles. Today Glamis Castle belongs to the Strathmore family. In spite of the fact that Glamis Castle is inhabited, some rooms are open to the public. This castle is worth seeing as it inspired Shakespeare to write Macbeth.

As you see, there are many wonderful places in Scotland which will carry you back to the time of knights and kings. It it believed that Scottish castles keep a lot of secrets of royal families.