How to Hitchhike

How to HitchhikeHitchhiking is an excellent way not only to save money, but also to get unforgettable emotions and see many interesting places. However it's important to follow safety rules and principles of hitchhiking. AnydayGuide will dwell upon how to hitchhike.

Hitchhiking is a free way of traveling by passing cars or trucks. People started hitchhiking when the first cars appeared. However, it has been popularized by beatniks (the Beat Generation) who used it as a cheap means of traveling and the opportunity to communicate with different people. Numerous works of beatnik writers can prove that (for example, On the Road and The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac).

Principles of hitchhiking

If you want to hitchhike safely and effectively, you have to know the main principles of this form of traveling. Hitchhiking is favorable for both traveler and driver, because the former has an opportunity to communicate with an interesting person, the latter can travel for free. If you don't like to talk much, you'd better not to hitchhike or give hitchhikers a ride.

Give up your prejudices before hitchhiking and don't forget about trust. When driver gives you a ride, its a permission to enter his or her personal space, that's why don't be insincere, suspicious or lie.

Safety rules of hitchhiking

If you follow the rules of hitchhiking, your trip will be amazing and unforgettable. First, your clothing should be comfortable and practical. Professional travelers put on something bright or reflective and use headlamps. This lowers the risk that inattentive driver hits you at night. Women should not wear very revealing clothes (miniskirts, short shorts, etc.), because it can provoke drivers.

When a car stops, don't get in at once, try to assess the situation. If the driver doesn't arouse trust, wait for the next car. Don't be lazy to remember the license plate number of the car you get in. Keep your knapsack close by and put all your valuables (documents, money, cell phone) into your pockets.

If you don't want your life to be boring, hitchhiking is for you. You will change your route whenever you want and your trip will be really unforgettable.