How to Feng Shui Your Bathroom

How to Feng Shui Your BathroomFeng shui is an old art which is very popular nowadays because it helps create more favorable environment for health, wealth, luck, love, etc. Feng shui can be used to decorate any room in your house or apartment, for instance, a bathroom. Read on to learn how to feng shui your bathroom.

Bathroom design should favor the qi energy flow, otherwise the energy will leak out of your house.

Many feng shui requirements for the bathroom are the same as for other rooms. For instance, you should arrange the bathroom in such a way so you never are with your back to the door whatever you do. You must always see who is entering the room.

A bathtub is the central element in the bathroom. According to the feng shui rules it should be round or oval. Such a shape makes for wealth and prosperity as it reminds of a coin whose combination with the water element has a good impact on the bathroom.

Sometimes it's impossible to choose an oval or round bathtub for some reason or other. In this case you can install a round sink to feng shui your bathroom perfectly.

Since the bathroom is associated with the element of water, blue, white and light-green colors are recommended for decoration. By the way, bright colors are not appropriate. Use pastel colors instead. If you still want your bathroom to be bright, you can add a few accessories.

Water leakage in the bathroom is very dangerous from the point of view of feng shui. The point is that leaking water makes the positive energy leak out of your house as well. Make sure that pipes and drains don't leak to avoid energy drain Besides, keep your plumbing fixture clean to prevent negative energy accumulation.

Usually there is a mirror in the bathroom. You should pay special attention to its placement to feng shui your bathroom properly. First, it is recommended to have only one mirror in the bathroom. If there are two mirrors, don't place them opposite each other to prevent chaotic energy flow around the room.

Lighting should be sufficient, but not too bright or multicolored. Don't place a lot of shelves and cabinets in the bathroom not to prevent energy flow.

If you follow all the rules of feng shui, you will manage to create harmony in your house and life.



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