How to Decorate Your Home with Books

How to Decorate Your Home with BooksDecorating with books makes your home cozier and creates warm and inviting atmosphere. There are a lot of interesting ways to arrange books. Read on to find out how to decorate your home with books.

In spite of modern trends a stylish home library gives zest to interior. It's interesting to note that books look beautiful even in high-tech interiors known for extensive use of modern gadgets and specific décor. Books can complement any interior harmoniously, that's why this interior trick is widely used by designers who prefer different styles.

Usually books look nice in Classic, Baroque, Victorian, Rococo and various ethnic interior design styles. Books are indicative of your good taste, intelligence and desire to know more.

Home library is the best way of using books to decorate your home. It is remarkable for strict book arrangement. Usually books are classified alphabetically, but sometimes this way of classification is not appropriate. For instance, books published on different dates or belonging to different series don't have the same design, that's why don't put them together. Remember that different covers will make your interior disharmonious. Don't place books and magazines together. Decorative shelves of different sizes and shapes will be perfect for magazines.

You can place books in different rooms according to their subjects. Keep cookbooks in the kitchen, science and business books do well in the study, fiction books are perfect for the bedroom. However, if you collect all these together in one home library, it will look gorgeous.

How to Organize Your Home Library

Open shelving is a good design trick. It's practical and reveals the beauty of books. Usually common wooden shelves are used, but today there are a lot of other design ideas. For instance, asymmetrical shelving units are good for contemporary design interior.

If there is a fireplace in your house, you can locate your home library close-by. Many people like reading by the fireplace as it helps relax and have a rest.

Bookshelves can be used to divide a room. It's not only convenient, but also beautiful. A two-sided bookcase is an interesting stylish and practical design trick.

How to Arrange Books

  • Categorize books before placing them on shelves.
  • Don't put books too close. Leave some space between them.
  • Proper lighting accentuates your home library. Different lamps can make it look bigger.
  • Put expensive and rare books in a separate bookcase with glass doors and lock it up.
  • Books are heavy enough, that’s why don’t put many books on one shelf.
  • Pay special attention to the color of bookcases or shelves. It should match your room.



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