How to Choose a Clock to Suit Your Interior Design

How to Choose a Clock to Suit Your Interior DesignIt may seem that choosing a clock is not a complicated task: you go to the shop, see a nice clock, buy it – and that is all there is to it.

However, in reality things are somewhat different: it is not easy to make the right choice and buy a suitable clock. A clock plays a very important role in the apartment interior design, it is something more that just a device for timing that counts out hours, minutes and seconds. How to choose a clock to suit your interior design?

The secret of the right choice is clear understanding of your aim. You should ask yourself a simple question: why do I need a clock? If you need a clock that will perform its direct function (that is your aim is of purely utilitarian character), you are free to choose any model you like, of course, if you can afford it. But if a clock is going to become an interesting interior accessory, if it is supposed to make your interior design special and exclusive, you should be very captious while choosing a clock.

Interior design is not limited by the only one style these days; it allows and even welcomes the use of various styles and their combinations. For example, a classical wooden longcase clock is an excellent choice for classical interior in a large apartment or a spacious country house. A massive grandfather clock demonstrates respectability of the master of the house, his traditionalism.

In order to choose a longcase clock for your house or apartment, you should pay special attention to the fact that this clock requires quite a lot of free space: in a small room such clock will look bulky. A longcase clock will look very appropriate in the interior of a spacious living room, fireplace lounge, library, study, dining room.

The most widespread type of clock used in modern apartments is wall clock. A nice wall clock will suit any interior, as the variety of models of wall clocks is truly amazing. Wall clocks can be made of wood, glass, metal or plastic; they may have different shapes and colors. A wall clock can be used in any room of your apartment or house. It will be in its place in a bedroom, nursery, hall and even bathroom.

Table clocks are also actively used in interior design along with floor clocks and wall clocks. A table clock is quite space-saving, and it does not attract as much attention as, for example, a longcase clock does. However, sometimes it is a table clock that makes your interior design fully complete. For example, a table clock will look in its place if you put it on the mantelpiece in the living room or on the table in the study or in the library.

Clocks differ not only in their size and appearance, but also in the type of the clockwork. Besides, one more criterion for choosing a clock is its functionality, namely additional functions. Modern clocks can not only show exact time, but also measure air temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure etc.

Mechanical clocks, quartz clocks, electronic clocks... The choice is very wide, and if you choose the right clock, it will be a special appeal of your interior design. Nowadays almost every household appliance has a built-in clock, but it is an interior clock that endows the look of our home with a unique charm, makes it cozy and attractive.