How to Look Stylish

How to Look StylishEverybody wants to look stylish, but unfortunately not everybody knows how. Some people dress beautifully and stylishly whereas others look ridiculous. Read on to learn how to look stylish.

The terms “fashion” and “style” are not the same, though many of us don't see the difference. Fashion is a popular trend which all the people follow. If you dress fashionably, you look like others. Style is your unique way of dressing that distinguishes you from other people.

Clothes, shoes and accessories are not enough to make your appearance stylish. You should also make sure that your hairstyle, makeup, perfume, walk are perfect. Besides, don't forget about self-confidence. Clothing is only an opportunity to accentuate your individuality.

Let's learn how to be stylish. Look through your clothes first. You certainly have nothing to wear in spite of having an extensive wardrobe. The point is that your clothes do not match thus you cannot create comfortable and stylish outfits. Try to coordinate your clothes. Don't buy a piece of clothing which doesn't match any of those you already have.

As was mentioned above, fashion and style are not the same thing. However, everybody wants to be both stylish and fashionable. It may be difficult, but it's possible. If you want to be fashionable, buy trendy clothes, but be self-critical. Don't wear clothing which doesn't suit you even if it's fashionable. You may get something else as there are many fashion brands.

Your clothes' color is very important for making your appearance stylish. Karl Lagerfeld recommends to have black clothing as it is not only elegant and sexual, but also multipurpose. You can always add some accessories to such clothing which will make it look different.

Other colors don't suit everyone as black does. How to find your perfect color? Use seasonal color analysis to find out which colors suit you best. According to this approach, everyone belongs to one of the following groups: Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. There are certain colors for each group of people that suit them best.

Learn to coordinate colors. Use a color wheel and basic color combination techniques when you are not sure what colors can be combined. Never combine more than 3 colors not to look ridiculous.

Accessories are an important part of your style. However, not all fashion tricks will be appropriate for you. For instance, massive necklaces or long earrings don't suit everybody. Moreover, accessories don't match any clothing. But the right choice of accessories can make you look amazing.



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