How to Walk in High Heels

How to Walk in High HeelsHigh heels make women's legs look slimmer and more beautiful. However, if you are not used to high heels, your walking in them can seem clumsy and ridiculous. We're going to dwell upon how to walk in high heels.

Unfortunately you won't become a catwalk model at once if you buy high heels. You will have to practice walking in high heels to look graceful.

Get wide heels 1-2-inch high to practice. When you start to walk confidently in them, you can try higher ones. However, don't put on shoes more than 4 inches high. Wearing too high heels can cause leg and back pain and increase the risk of injures.

Start practicing at home. Put on your shoes and try to walk as long as possible, make different movements similar to those you make in the street or in the office: turn around, sit down, stand up, etc. When you succeed, you can try to go out in high heels. Walking in heels outdoors is more difficult than walking in them indoors because the surface you walk on in the street is not that flat. At first don't walk a lot, 5-minute walks will be enough.

You will be able to walk in high heels for 1-2 and even 3-4 hours after a while. As a result, you will walk for 5 hours or even longer, but don't forget that it's very harmful for your legs. High heels are good to go out, but if you plan to walk for a long time or go to work, put on more comfortable shoes.

You should remember certain rules to walk better in heels. If you want to look beautiful in high heels, you shouldn't slouch, that's why learn to straighten your back and shoulders. Balancing a book on your head will help you improve your posture. Do it for 10-20 min a day and your posture will be graceful.

Don't take too large or too small steps, both look bad. Make sure that you don't lean forward and your knees are not bended. Walk from heel to toe.

If all these rules don't help you walk in heels, probably your heels' height isn't proper. In order to find out whether your heels are good for you, put on your favorite high heels and try to stand on tiptoe, so your heels are 1-2 inches from the floor. If you manage to do that, the height of your heels is good. Usually 3-inch heels are the best choice.

As you see, you have to practice more to walk in high heels. Use special shoe inserts, so you legs don't get tired. Stretch your legs and let them rest. Take flat shoes when possible, so that you can change if you get tired.