How to Wear Fishnets

How to Wear FishnetsMany people consider fishnets to be vulgar. Surely, girls in short skirts, fishnets and high heels don't look decent. However, if you wear fishnets properly, you will look elegant. Let's learn how to wear fishnets to look beautiful and stylish.

First, put on fishnets only if you feel comfortable in them. Usually if a woman wears fishnets to look confident, her efforts are not crowned with success. The point is that people notice when you feel uncomfortable in certain clothes.

Second, light and fine mesh fishnets will look appropriate in almost any situation. For instance, you can wear skin toned fine mesh fishnets to the office, while black large hole fishnets will be perfect for a club party or a Halloween costume.

By the way, almost any woman can wear fine mesh fishnets while large hole fishnets suit only long legged women. The reason is that large holes accentuate the worst features of your body.

Make sure that your skirt is not too short because a mini skirt combined with fishnets makes you look vulgar. Wear fishnets with knee length skirts. Besides, you can combine them with classic knee length shorts, breeches, or Capris.

Since fishnets are the key element and zest in your outfit, wear them with simple clothes. Avoid patterns as they will clash with the fishnets.

Don't wear fishnets with classic pumps or thigh high boots. Pumps don't match the fishnets. Thigh high boots will hide your legs and it will be impossible to see the fishnets. Open toe shoes won't do as well.

Mary Janes, ankle boots and knee high boots will match the fishnets well. Besides, sometimes fishnet tights can be combined with flats and loafers. If you want to make your legs look longer, make sure that the color of your shoes exactly matches the color of the fishnets.

Pay special attention to the accessories. They should not look cheap. Avoid massive and too bright accessories.

In order to make your appearance stylish and unique, you can wear brightly colored fishnets. But be very careful while choosing the rest of clothing, shoes and accessories.

Fishnets are an excellent way to make your casual outfits look more unique and elegant. However, it is very important to wear them properly not to look vulgar.



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