How to Run Properly to Lose Weight

How to Run Properly to Lose WeightRunning is a popular means to lose weight. Unfortunately your weight loss depends on the way you run, that's why you should know how to run properly. AnydayGuide will dwell upon the main rules of running.

All of us know that running helps strengthen muscles and cardiovascular system, increase oxygen level in blood and boost endurance. Running is recommended to people of any age and physical endurance, but exercise intensity should be surely individual for every person.

Running is good for weight loss, because human body expends much energy on it. This energy is taken from the stored body fat. Thus, the more you run, the more calories you burn. Does that sound good?

Unfortunately many people take up running, try hard to succeed and don't lose weight. Why is it like this? The matter is that there are certain conditions that turn running into an effective way of losing weight.

It's important to “boost” the active process of breaking down fats, so running helps lose weight. 15-20 minutes of jogging won't be enough. You should run at least 50-60 minutes to make your body break down fats.

Long and slow running or endurance run is proper for losing weight. You should feel muscle fatigue and it should be difficult to breathe. These signs indicate that running does the job.

Today not everybody has enough time for long runs, that's why interval running has become a popular alternative to jogging.

Interval running is an alternation of fast sprint running and jogging. During such exercise your body undergoes strong physical activity and 20-30 minutes of running will be enough for you. In order to run properly, follow the following scheme. Walk fast 300 ft, jog 300 ft, sprint 300 ft fast. After sprinting jog again, catch your breath, have a rest and repeat 300-ft sprinting, then jogging and so on. Don't forget about cool down exercises.

Thus, long and slow running or interval running will help you lose weight. However, you won't lose weight quickly if you don't eat healthy food. Give up sweets and high-fat food to reach your goal quicker.