How to Take Care of Your Fish

How to Take Care of Your FishMany people dream of pet fish. These useful tips will help you learn how to take care of fish.Care for fish doesn't take much time, but it should be systematic. As soon as you set up a fish tank at home, you will have new daily duties such as maintaining fish environmental parameters, feeding, caring for ecosystem and plants.

How to maintain fish environment?

Maintaining fish environment means that you have to control water hardness, pH and temperature, aquarium filter and air pump work. Add water to the fish tank, if necessary. Change water once a week. Replace 20-30 % of water in tank with fresh. Chemicals remain in water for a long time that is why purify it with water conditioner. If you have children, keep an eye on them, so they don't harm your fish. By the way, don't smoke in the room where the fish tank is set up, because tobacco smoke is harmful for fish.

How to feed fish?

You should feed baby fish 4 times a day. 1-2 times are enough for adult fish. Don't put daily dose of feed at a time. Give the amount your fish eat in 5-10 min as the rest pollutes water.

There are 3 types of fish food: dry, live and frozen. Usually Daphnia and Gammarus are the components of frozen food. Live food is bloodworm, tubifex, duckweed. Defrost frozen fish food beforehand. Feed should be spread evenly in the tank. Sometimes big fish can take food away from small and weak ones. Make sure they aren't hungry.

How to care for aquarium ecosystem?

It's important to take care of aquarium plants to prevent changing changing of color and rotting. Suspicious algal growth should be removed, because it can cause fish diseases. Clean the tank completely 1-2 times a month. Put your fish into a spare tank and start cleaning up the “fish house”. Don't clean up too often, because every removal is stressful for fish.

All mentioned rules of fish caring are very important. Remember that taking care of different fish species has different peculiarities, that's why you should specify them before buying fish.