How to Deal With Rejection

How to Deal With RejectionRejection is one of the daily things that we do. We reject many things, that aren't interesting for us or we see no opportunities in them. And while rejecting some ideas or things is rather simple, we get outraged when someone rejects us. So how to deal with rejection and never let it drive you crazy?

Rejection is so hard to accept because it blows direct to our ego. You know that you're a great person, but how dared they to reject you? And what's the worst of all, the less you know the person who rejected you, the more you're hurt. It triggers another very strange chemistry of the universe, that the less the other person cares about you, the more you want this person. It will drive you crazy, unless you accept rejection.

It's not you, it's them. Never take rejection personally, because you don't do anything wrong. You were rejected, because the other person didn't feel any connection. So calm down and don't get obsessed with the though why you've been rejected.

Be confident. Rejection can make you lose confidence in yourself and now you think, that nobody likes you. You bring to surface the tiniest flaws (everyone has them, let's face it) and cultivate them, fertilizing by your fear to stay forever alone. Finally you're not confident in your appearance and whether there's anything that attracts others in you. Never let rejection break your confidence and go on dating without getting attached to your new partner.

Don't let rejection bring you pain. Sometimes pain from rejection reminds us the bad experience we had as a children. It's especially hard for people, whose parents abandoned them. Don't let rejection turn you down. Deal with it as with an unpleasant emotion and accept that it's not the first and the last time you're rejected.

Gather information. You want to find the right person, but you get only rejections. Don't be upset and go gathering the information, what kind of person you really need. Think that you're rejected by people who wouldn’t become your real soul-mate. Remember, it happened for a greater reason.

Learn from experience. Take rejection for opportunity to learn something new from your experience, even if it's bad. There's a lot of room for improvement in everyone of us, and sometimes rejection finally demolishes our ego and lets us face the truth of our truest self.

Take a break. Sometimes rejection can be a sign that you need to take a break in dating. Constant dating with different people is tiresome, especially, if you're often rejected. Take a little break, let's say for a month. You will have some rest and will be full of energy and commitment to find a right relationship. And if you feel that you're still not ready, then don't push yourself. You'll feel when it's time and till that time don't let dating become a hard work. Remember, that it should be only fun.



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