How to Raise a Teenage Girl

How to Raise a Teenage GirlAll parents feel fear when they think about the period when their children will be teenagers. Hysterics, scandals, nervous breakdown are inevitable. Let's learn how to raise a teenage girl.

All parents should be ready for the time when their daughter starts puberty. Usually it begins at the age of 11, but sometimes at the age of 10. This period lasts 5-7 years, but the age of 13-14 is the most difficult one. At this age your daughter can distance herself and if she hangs out with wrong people, bad habits, STDs or even unwanted pregnancy are inevitable.

Physiological changes, that are the result of hormonal influence, are the reasons for teenage difficulties. The thyroid gland and the hypophysis active functioning causes breasts and hips growth, first period, skin problems, body hair growth.

Physiological changes cause psychological ones. Girls can have complexes about their appearance (acne, body growth, small breasts). Do not forget about soul-searching. Your daughter wants to be popular and look like other girls in her class.

Teenage girls are interested in cosmetics and revealing clothing. If your daughter chooses mini skirts and does gaudy makeup, it means that she tries to attract boys and she is not confident in her appearance.

Boys' indifference to your daughter can lead to some complexes. Your negative words concerning her mini skirt or makeup add fuel to the fire, that's why speak well of her appearance and help her handle skin problems.

Some teens face skin problems. You surely understand that it's impossible to get rid of them till 20. Nevertheless you must help your daughter choose cosmetics for her skin type.

You will also face such problems as irritability, roughness, instability, touchiness, tearfulness or even aggression of your daughter towards relatives. It is caused by your daughter’s desire to be independent. If you prevent it, you relationship with daughter will get worse.

Teenage years are the ego development period when people become independent. If you don't give freedom to your daughter, she will grow up an infantile person, who won't be able to do anything without her parents or husband.

Be ready to discuss such problems as period, sex, STDs and unwanted pregnancy with your daughter. It would be better if your daughter learned it from you than from her friends or the Internet.

Not all the girls face teenage problems. If your daughter studies well, has a hobby or goes in for sports, she goes through emotional changes easier. Confiding relationship between teenagers and parents also help overcome teenage problems.

If you feel that your daughter becomes estranged from you, show her that you do care. Tell her about the teenage problems you had, your first love, etc., and you will become the best friends soon.