The Earliest Signs of Pregnancy Before a Missed Period

The Earliest Signs of Pregnancy Before a Missed PeriodWomen who plan pregnancy, try to listen to their body to determine if there are any changes. A missed period is an unquestionable evidence of pregnancy, but there are other symptoms that can indicate it. What are the earliest signs of pregnancy before a missed period?

The first signs of pregnancy can occur not earlier than in 7 days after fertilization. The egg needs the whole week to attach to the uterus and woman can feel that there is something wrong with her body at that very moment.

It is worth noting that every body is individual, that's why some women feel as usual until a missed period and find out about pregnancy with the help of a pregnancy test. Others can have symptoms similar to the period coming, some women think that they have fallen ill. Let's learn what can indicate pregnancy from the first days after fertilization.

Basal temperature rise to not higher than 98,9–99,1°F indicates pregnancy. You should take your basal temperature in the morning before getting up, so that the result is correct. Remember that if you have sex a few hours before taking basal temperature or go to the toilet at night, basal temperature can be incorrect.

Increase of the whole body temperature can be also a sign of pregnancy. It is a rare but possible phenomenon. Body immune system weakens that makes you feel like during illness.

Breast swelling and tenderness are typical not only for period, but also pregnancy. Woman body starts preparing for pregnancy and breastfeeding from the first days of pregnancy, that's why breasts swell and any touch is painful.

Mid-cycle or before period bleeding is a rarely sign of pregnancy, but still it can be indicative of implantation. By the way, some women have unpleasant feelings in lower abdomen.

Lower back or uterus dragging pain, that is similar to the premenstrual one, can also tell about pregnancy, but if you compare them, you will see the difference.

Morning nausea and vomiting are not rare phenomena. You can think of food poisoning if nausea is slight. Instead of nausea you can notice appetite increasing or taste and smell changes.

A pregnancy test will show an accurate result, but you have to do it after several days of delay. Pay attention that even the faint second line indicates pregnancy. The second line will get darker in a few days. See a gynecologist to be sure.