Baby Journal

Baby JournalSome young parents keep a baby journal. How can it be helpful?

There are certain baby development milestones that can help parents determine whether their baby is developing correctly or special attention should be paid to physical, speech and other types of development. Thus, baby journal will be of use.

The main purpose of the journal is to mark the main stages of child development, their abilities and skills, to evaluate whether their development meets the norms.

Baby journal should be kept systematically, even the most insignificant progress of your baby should be recorded. You must check the accordance of your baby's development with the norms every month, and when your child becomes a toddler, you can start checking yearly.

What should be recorded in the journal? You should certainly fix physical development indicators, first of all height and weight, but this information is not enough. Reflexes and skills, the rates of physical and mental development are also to be fixed.

In order to make keeping journal easier you can find the lists and tables of child development at every age. It will help you understand what you must focus on. Ready-made development diaries are available now. You simply have to buy it and fill in the columns.

Finally, the most modern variant is electronic baby journal. It is a special program that is installed on your computer or is even available online. Such programs have an easy to understand interface which allows to not only fix information concerning your baby's development, but also compare the rates of its development with the norms.

Systematic keeping of the journal can prove useful in case of consulting a doctor (a children's doctor or a speech therapist). Doctor needs some basic information to help a child. He or she can get it in the course of diagnostics, but the journal of development will provide most information and allow to start working immediately.

Keeping a journal will help young parents follow the development of their baby and notice delayed development earlier. The norms of development are certainly relative and you can hardly find a child who can keep within them. But if the skills do not emerge after deadline you must consult a doctor as soon as possible.