How to Make Green Tea

How to Make Green TeaGreen tea is believed to be the most healthy drink. But tea can lose all its useful properties just because of the wrong brewing.

It is recommended to use only soft spring water which will allow you to feel the taste of tea. Do not use hard water because your tea will be dark and turbid and will not taste good. Chlorides in water will also affect the taste of your tea badly. That's why use bottled mineral water.

It is very important to make tea at the appropriate temperature. 175°F will be perfect. You would ask why boiling water is not right. The reason is that in boiling water tea leaves fall to the bottom and can't go up. In strong boiling water there is no oxygen which has a bad influence on brewing tea. That's why as soon as water boils, the kettle should be turned off.

In order to make soft and sweet tea, brew it for a certain period of time. The longer you brew tea the more bitter and rough it will taste.

Time of brewing depends on what effect you expect. For instance, if you want to cheer up after a cup of tea at once, don't brew it for a long time. Strong tea won't cheer you up in a moment.

Have you known that green tea can be brewed for several times unlike black tea? High-quality Chinese tea can brewed for 5-6 times and every time it gives new shades of taste. Surely the taste of cheap green tea will become worse after every brewing. That's why you won't probably enjoy such drink. In general 3-4 times are enough to learn all the shades of tea. Remember not to leave water in the kettle after every brewing.

In order to make tea correctly rinse a teapot with water from a kettle. The teapot should be warmed up so that it doesn't take the warmth from water necessary for tea brewing.

Put the tea leaves into the teapot on the basis of a teaspoon per 250 ml of water. If you don't want strong tea put some water in a teapot, stir it and pour off. Then fill the teapot with water and make tea. 1.5 – 2 min are usually enough for the first brewing, but you'd better wait till the leaves fall to the bottom.

If you want to reuse the tea leaves the time of brewing should be increased by 20 – 30 sec. Green tea brewed with milk is considered to be very useful. This drink is good for kidneys and liquid cleansing. It is usually used for losing weight. In order to make such tea take 1 l of milk with a 2.5 % fat content and simmer it. Add a spoon of the green tea leaves, put the lid on the saucepan and leave it for 20 min. When milk turns slightly yellow, strain it and drink.

Well, now you know how to make green tea according to all the rules. You will be surprised by the taste of common tea. By the way, do not add sugar to green tea. Drink it with honey or candied fruit.