5 Makeup Tips for Zoom Calls

5 Makeup Tips for Zoom CallsDue to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work and Zoom video calls have become the new normal. A lot of people actually prefer working from home because they can ditch makeup and work in their loungewear, but it is important to keep in mind that Zoom meetings are still work meetings, so you should look presentable in them. Since a webcam and bad lighting can make you look dull, a little makeup won’t hurt. Here are a few makeup tips to make you look great and natural in your next Zoom meeting.

Tip #1: Those Under-eye Bags and Dark Circles Need to Go

Many people find themselves unable to stick to a strict daily routine during the lockdown, which results in a lack of sleep and dark circles under the eyes that the camera loves. The long-term solution would be to start getting enough sleep and using under-eye masks and patches, but if you have 15 minutes until your next Zoom meeting, you need a short-term solution: makeup. A lightweight, easy-to-blend concealer will do the trick, making you look fresh and well-rested.

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Tip #2: Groom Your Eyebrows

Well-groomed eyebrows can really make a difference in your overall look, making you look more collected and professional. Of course, you shouldn’t pluck them right before your Zoom meeting because you will just end up with red and puffy skin. What you need to do is fill them with an eye pencil that matches your brow color and/or use a brow gel or wax to tame them and make sure that not a hair falls out of place. To make your brow grooming routine a really quick one, invest in a 2-in-1 product, such as a tinted eyebrow gel.

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Tip #3: Don’t Skip Mascara

You can skip eyeshadow if that’s not your thing or if you don’t have enough time to apply full makeup, but mascara is a must because even naturally lush and dark eyelashes can practically disappear on camera. A few coats of volumizing or curling mascara will lengthen and darken your eyelashes, making you look wide awake and ready to tackle any tasks that are sent your way.

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Tip #4: Go a Little Brighter Than Normal

Any professional makeup artist will tell you that on-camera makeup should be slightly heavier than your regular day makeup, so even if your goal is to look natural, you might need to add more color than you would normally do. For example, to add warmth to your cheeks, apply a blush that’s a tad brighter than what you’d normally wear or a bronzer that is a touch darker than your natural skin tone. Be sure to stick to warm, matte hues because the camera exaggerates cooler colors, avoid shiny products, and blend well to look natural.

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Tip #5: Try Experimenting With Lipstick, but Not Too Much

You may want to experiment with various lipstick shades and textures, and that’s okay, but you shouldn’t get too carried away. Adding a splash of color on the lips will make you look more vibrant, whereas nude or pale lipstick will make your lips disappear on camera. However, you should keep in mind that overly dark lipstick will make you look older on camera. To make your lips and teeth look brighter, add a touch of clear lip gloss, but don’t go overboard.

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