5 Hair Care Products That You Don’t Actually Need

5 Hair Care Products That You Don’t Actually NeedManufacturers try to persuade you that you need as many hair products as your bathroom has space for, threatening that otherwise your hair will be dry, dull, brittle, and lifeless. In reality, however, they just want your money. You can safely do without most of the products they throw at you. Check out our list of hair care products you don’t really need to keep your hair healthy and good-looking.

Hair Masks

Hair masks are basically glorified conditioners. Most of them have a similar composition to conditioners, but a thicker texture. If your hair is healthy and you just want to give it a boost, you can simply leave your conditioner on for longer than normal. If you have dry hair that needs extra hydration and nourishment, natural oils are a much better solution than fancy masks. They will effectively revitalize your hair for a much lower price.

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Hair Growth Products

Hair growth products contain ingredients that stimulate circulation in the scalp. This does affect hair follicles, making your hair grow a little bit faster, but the effect is relatively small. There is no magic product that will make your hair grow long and lustrous in a short period of time, because the speed at which your hair grows depends on a complex combination of factors, including genetics and your overall health.

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Anything That Promises to Repair Split Ends

There are products that are supposed to repair split ends by gluing them together, but they’re not as effective as they claim to be. Some of them simply don’t work, while others do create an illusion of healthy ends, but only until the next shampooing. These products mask the symptom, but don’t remove the cause. The only way to cure split ends is to get your hair cut and make sure you keep your ends moisturized.

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Hair Detanglers

Unlike split end repair products, hair detanglers actually work, making combing, brushing and styling easier. But the thing is, if you still need a detangler after shampooing and conditioning your hair, you’re probably not taking care of your hair properly. The whole purpose of hair conditioner is to make your hair more manageable and prevent tangling. If your conditioner doesn’t do its job, you should invest in a better conditioner instead of buying a detangler.

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Too Many Styling Products

You only need three or even two styling products to make your hair look good: a heat protectant (in case you blow-dry your hair or use heat styling tools), a styling product (to add volume, to define curls, to tame frizz, etc.), and a finishing product like hair spray. Mixing several styling products together rarely works as expected; it will only weigh your hair down and make it look sad. What you need is to figure out your hair’s needs and find the product that fits them perfectly.

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