5 Body Care Products That You Don’t Actually Need

5 Body Care Products That You Don’t Actually NeedDoes the skin of your body need as much care as the skin of your face? Yes, it does. Do you need to buy dozens of products to provide that care? No, you don’t. In fact, all you need is a few basic products (a shower gel, a moisturizer, a body scrub), but you can safely ditch the rest. Check out our list of 5 body care products that you shouldn’t spend your money on.

#1. Specialized Moisturizers for Different Body Parts

You only need two moisturizers: one for your face and neck, and one for the rest of your body. There’s no need to buy specialized creams for all your body parts, like hands, feet, elbows, cuticles, etc. One bottle of good body lotion or jar of body cream will do the job and save your money. (Well, if you have dry hands, maybe you should also buy a tube of hand cream to carry around with you, but that’s it.)

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#2. Anti Cellulite and Body Firming Products

Cellulite is a physiologic condition that occurs in 85 to 98% of postpubescent females. It’s not a pathology; it’s a normal, natural change in your body caused by a variety of factors, from heredity and hormones to your lifestyle. And there is little you can do about it. Creams, lotions and other products that claim to treat cellulite simply moisturize your skin and boost microcirculation for a short period of time. This might help make cellulite less visible, but the result is very short-lived.

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#3. Stretch Mark Removal Products

Stretch mark removers are even less effective than cellulite treatments. If they actually worked, no one in the world would have stretch marks by now. Stretch marks are a form of scarring, and there is no over-the-counter treatment that can make them go away. Creams and lotions that promise to reduce the appearance of stretch marks simply moisturize your skin. Stretch marks do look less visible on well-moisturized skin, but you don’t need a special product for that. Your regular moisturizer or a natural oil will do.

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#4. Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is supposed to help you get a closer and smoother shave. But you know what? You probably already own a product that can do the job. You can use your shower gel, organic olive soap or even hair conditioner (provided that it’s not super expensive) to soften your hairs and help the razor slide. The result will be just the same.

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#5. Hair Growth Inhibitors

Hair growth inhibitors are creams, lotions, serums or sprays that are supposed to slow down hair growth post hair removal. In reality, most of such products simply include ingredients that make the hair thinner and softer, creating the illusion of slower growth. There are products that do reduce hair growth, but they a) require a prescription b) are only meant to be used on the face. Body lotions that claim to slow down hair growth are, in fact, useless.

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