5 Benefits of Not Wearing Makeup

5 Benefits of Not Wearing MakeupThere is nothing wrong with wearing makeup. Some women do it to conceal imperfections, some because makeup makes them feel more confident, and some just like buying and trying new products. However, there is nothing wrong with not wearing makeup as well. If you feel like putting on makeup is a chore, you may want to consider foregoing it. Here are 5 benefits of not wearing makeup.

#1. It Will Make Your Skin Cleaner and Healthier

Even high-quality makeup products can prevent your skin from breathing and block your pores, causing blackheads and pimples. If you ditch makeup, you will soon notice that your skin has become clearer and more glowing. Of course, it won’t magically solve all your skin problems, but it will definitely contribute to skin health.

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#2. It Will Save You Time and Money

Good makeup products can be quite expensive, so if you stop buying them, you’ll save a considerable sum of money. It’s that simple! We’re sure that you’ll know what to do with the extra cash without any outside advice, but let us suggest something. Take that money and use it to buy high-quality skincare products that will keep your skin healthy and glowing without makeup.

As for time, it’s also quite obvious. Once you stop wearing makeup, you’ll have at least one hour in the morning that you can use to get more sleep (which will actually make you look better without makeup) or to be more productive. Your evening skincare routine will also take less time because you won’t need to remove makeup.

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#3. You Won’t Have to Worry About Your Makeup Going Bad

One of the greatest benefits of not wearing makeup is that you won’t have to worry about smudges or running eye makeup. With a makeup-free face, you can laugh, you can rub your eyes when you’re feeling tired, you can let your friend kiss you on the cheek (and kiss them in return without leaving lipstick stains). And, of course, there will be no makeup smudges on your clothes either.

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#4. It Can Boost Your Confidence

For some people, the motivation behind the decision to ditch makeup is the desire to embrace their flaws and learn to love themselves. It won’t happen overnight, of course, but you will eventually notice that most people don’t care about your tiny imperfections. Giving up makeup is a step toward embracing yourself, appreciating the nature’s gifts, and feeling more confident in your skin.

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#5. It Is Better for the Environment

A lot of makeup companies test their products on animals. Of course, there are many environmentally conscious manufacturers too, but their products can be hard to find. For many people, it’s easier to just go makeup-free than to look for cruelty-free/vegan products.

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