How to Wear a White Dress

How to Wear a White DressWhite is one of the basic wardrobe colors. You can match a white dress with almost any shoes and accessories no matter what color they are. You are a lucky person if you have a white dress. You have only to know how to wear a white dress to look gorgeous and amaze people every day.

Any young girl or woman looks really awesome in a white dress. Such a dress makes your look elegant, airy-fairy, graceful and festive. However, in order to look really stunning you have to choose a white dress properly, so it suits you and matches other clothes.

White usually makes women's bodies look a little bigger, that's why white dresses suit slim women better. Surely it doesn't mean that if you are not a catwalk model, you can't put on a white dress. Just don't buy totally white dresses. White dresses with dark insets which hide imperfections will be perfect for you.

White outfits match women with bronze skin best. If your skin is pale, try to get tanned on the beach, in a tanning bed or with the help of sunless tanning. Bright makeup and accessories can also make your skin look less pale.

Don't forget that when you put on a white dress, you should wear flesh colored underwear. Sometimes you can surely put on white underwear, but remember that people will probably notice it. Avoid black or colored underwear.

Combinations of white with white, black or red are classic. If you complement a white dress with white shoes and accessories, you will create a pure, fresh and light look. You will make an elegant outfit if you combine a white dress with black clothes and shoes. Wear a white dress with red accessories, which will give some passion to your look.

Light green accessories and a white dress will help create an Eco-style look. If you like sea-inspired looks, you can combine a white dress with blue and turquoise. Warm brown shades are perfect to look Boho-chic. In order to look romantic, wear a white dress with pink accessories. You can wear a white dress to work if you add gray accessories and shoes.

It's very important to combine a white dress and other pieces of clothes properly. There are a few universal ways to create perfect outfits using a white dress. For instance, you can wear a short white dress with a black leather jacket and military boots. Another good idea is to combine a white knit sheath dress with black tights, a black belt and black shoes. You can also wear a long white dress with cropped cardigans or jackets. A white lace dress with denim jacket or vest and cowboy boots are an interesting designer trick as well.

As you see, if you know how to wear a white dress properly, you can create various lovely looks. However, try to be very careful combining a white dress with other pieces of clothing and accessories, otherwise you will look ridiculous.



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