Portland VegFest

Portland VegFest
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The Portland VegFest festival is the premier event for all vegetarians of Portland, OR. If you want to learn more about vegetarian diet or try new meals cooked without meat products, then you should visit this festival.

The Portland VegFest was started in Portland in 2004 and it became one of the most interesting and highly expected events in the state. Its popularity also triggered the start of another interesting and tasty food festival, that is dedicated to vegan… beer! This festival also annually takes place in Portland.

Visitors of the festival should expect a very interesting program featuring numerous discussions of topics in animal welfare, environmentalism, health and nutrition with notable speakers, experts and authors. New vegetarians can visit classes helping everyone easily enter the new healthy plant-only based diet. And in case if you want to lose some weight with this diet, you can also attend fitness stage and classes.

Being vegetarian means that you need to learn to cook many new meals without meat products. And you can find new books full of vegetarian recipes in a working bookstore or even visit the cooking demos.

Every vegetarian from Oregon should visit this festival, and also take their meat-eating friends and relatives. Nobody is going to pursuade them to follow vegetarian diet, but may be they will understand why you’re doing this and share your point of view. Also they will be able to try different vegetarian meals and thus see that food can be really tasty even without meat in it. By the way, vegetarian burgers and hot dogs taste the same as well as meals with meat in them.

The Portland VegFest gives everyone an opportunity to look at the vegetarian lifestyle closer. Being vegetarian means being compassionate to animals and never use products containing their parts or animal testing. And you can find any veg products at many exhibiting points of the festival!

In 2020, the event was held online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Portland VegFest

Photo: Karen Messer




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