Medieval Market in Kungsträdgården

Medieval Market in Kungsträdgården
Kungsträdgården (King’s Garden) is a large park located in central Stockholm, Sweden. The park’s central location has made it one of the popular meeting and hangout places in the Swedish capital, as well as a venue for numerous open-air concerts, festivals and other events. One of the most exciting events held at Kungsträdgården is medieval market (Medeltidsmarknad).

Outdoor gatherings inspired by historical reenactment, such as medieval markets and Renaissance fairs, are quite popular in Europe and North America. Renaissance fair participants generally borrow from a range of history and often incorporate fantasy-inspired elements, whereas medieval period oriented reenactors try to portray life during the Middle Ages more accurately.

Medieval fairs and markets are very popular in Eastern and Northern Europe. They usually include demonstrations of historical skills and trades, authentic or nearly authentic food, reenactment of everyday life, playing historical music instruments, dancing, theater, street performances, sword fighting, and more.

In Sweden there are many different medieval markets. The largest one takes place on the island of Gotland that is famous for its well-preserved medieval architecture. As the country’s capital and most populous city, Stockholm also hosts various Middle Ages inspired events that attract thousands of visitors, locals and tourists alike.

One of Stockholm’s best medieval markets is held in the Kungsträdgården park in mid-April. It features an impressive program of events and activities such as historical dance, medieval music, jugglers and jesters, fencing, archery, crafts, pony rides, various games and contests, and other entertainment for attendees of all ages and backgrounds.

At the market, you can try your hand at sword fighting and archery, buy unique handmade items (textiles, metalware, ceramics, leather items, jewelry), and sample delicious authentic foods offered by local artisans, including honey, goat cheese and sausage. All actors, musicians, crafters and artisans are clad in period costume to make you believe your really are in a medieval village and not in the center of modern Stockholm.

Medieval market in Kungsträdgården




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